The Osen Gard conservation policy implies that the Salmon has its own natural right to be part of our nature, and our fishing for this beautiful specie is purely a fly fishing sport with strong respect for the Salmon as a specie. We practice catch and release to conserve the stock of salmon. The salmon runs of Osen River are similar to many of those that run the rivers of Norway’s long coast; it is quite small in numbers and varies a lot from year to year.

The Osen river management plays a leading role in local river management. Together with the rest of the proprietors of the river we are engaged in a range of activities such as cultivating, creating and maintaining spawning grounds, running of a small hatchery, stock control etc.

Conservation follows legislations and as such we co-operate with the relevant authorities in Norway ensuring a balance between the fisherman and the life in the river. The overall goal is to allow fishing, but make sure that the spawning population is more than adequate to ensure the future generations of the Osen Salmon population.