Through the cooling autumn months, the mountains come alive in the presence of Norwegian Red Deer. These are stalked and hunted through a 4 month season.

Hunting at Osen Gard is not for the faint hearted. Long, beautiful walks through stunning mountain scenery make for steep and tough walks, trying to find and track down these intelligent and majestic animals.

A strict management policy is in place for the hunting as it is with the fishing, through the local hunting and landowners committee and a strict state quota system is allocated and followed over a 3 year period.

We do not offer trophy hunting, but an all round hunting experience. Should a large stag be on the quota for your stay, then you will surely get that opportunity, but our management is done in the name of conservation, and through this policy we have helped build a highly sustainable population of deer on the estate and surrounds.

There are areas where ´bø jakt´or shooting over open worked fields is also both highly successful and a great early morning or late evening opportunity before one ascends on the tougher terrain.